• Support and training globally with special projects where English is required
  • German-English with pricing quoted per project


  1. Business English Courses

    All courses include a free professional assessment in the areas of: reading,
    writing, oral communication and listening/comprehension
    Course offerings include :

    •  General Business English Plans and Arrangements
    •  Telephoning With Customers and Suppliers
    •  Emails and Business Letters
    •  Communication With Staff and Subsidiaries
    •  Social English
    •  Presentations
    •  Negotiations
    •  Marketing and Sales Plans Business Meetings
    •  English for Special Purposes: Legal, HR, IT, Quality Control
  2. Seminars
    • Presentation Mastery
    • How to Hold On To Your Customers
    • Consultative Sales – The U.S. approach
  3. Cambridge Certificate Preparation

    In a world of global thinking and networking English has became necessary for your career progress. Also in emergent economies like Asia, Latin and South America or the Gulf countries, the international correspondance is almost always done in English. For this reason, English skills are required in every recruitment advertisement regarding job openings. In order to convince your employer of your English qualifications, you need an official, worldwide recognized certification, which is standardized and is considered reputable.

    Topic selection

    •  Buying and selling
    •  Crime and punishment
    •  Cultural values
    •  Faces and places
    •  Family, animals and technology
    •  Lifestyles
    •  Man and technology
    •  Mind and body
    •  Town and country


  4. Translation Services

    German-English with pricing quoted per project