Business English Courses and Workshops

business englishAll courses include a free professional assessment in the areas of: reading, writing, oral communication and listening/comprehension.

Business English Course offerings include :

  • General Business English Plans and Arrangements
  • Telephoning With Customers and Suppliers
  • Emails and Business Letters
  • Communication With Staff and Subsidiaries
  • Socializing and Small Talk English
  • Presentations in English on PowerPoint Slides
  • Negotiations in English Utilizing Taped Role Plays
  • English for Special Purposes: IT, Sales, etc.



  • Business English Utilizing Design Thinking
  • Intercultural Communication in the `New Work´ Business Environment
  • Method: Includes Design Thinking, Memory Training, Role Play and Task-Based Pedagogical Approach

This workshop can be complemented with blended learning and Skype training.
Why does your staff deserve the best Business English training on the market?
Because you want to support your people beyond classroom language training and you have a vision to
truly develop your people.

Learn more about Design Thinking.
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