25Apr 2019

Practicing speaking is one of the most fun parts of learning English. Once you can speak even a little English, there are so many ways to improve your skills quickly while having alot of fun too. Here are ten top tips for improving your spoken English and having a great time while you do it! […]

24Mai 2016

Approximately 25% of all jobs around the world involve interaction with people in other countries, and, of these, two thirds require English.† Any employee who does not take this seriously is potentially hindering both their job opportunities and their career prospects. Not only is English the native language in over sixty countries, it is increasingly […]

12Jul 2015

These are actual mistakes I have seen when looking through some of your websites and profiles ! I realize, for many of you, English is not your native tongue and mistakes can easily be made. HOWEVER,   I think it is important that the English be correct and professional if you are presenting yourself to the […]

11Jul 2015

#1 Did you know that, unlike in some other languages, it is NEVER possible to write a country-related word with a small letter in English? Thus, whether you mean the language, the people or the adjective you always have to write English, German, French etc. #2 To English ears it sounds unusual when foreign learners […]

10Jul 2015

As communication is the ultimate goal for any language student, the learning process should focus on authentic communication. A communicative approach to language teaching serves to expose students to authentic language, and includes assignments that simulate real-life tasks, requiring students to use English in real-life situations. The idea behind this approach is that the circumstances […]

09Jul 2015

BULATS, the Business Language Testing Service, has been specifically designed to provide rapid assessment of a candidate’s business language – with the results available immediately. Each test adapts to the candidate’s level of ability while the assessment is still in progress, meaning it can be used to test a wide range of abilities. The tests, […]